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Frequently Asked Questions

No, once you have your first shower, 8 or so hours after your Air-Tan, there will be no risk of staining at all.  However, until your first shower, the only fabrics stained by the Air-Tan solution are nylon, silk, and elastic.  The solution doesn’t stain other fabrics. There could be minimal amount rub off on the inside of your dress if there is lots of perspiration involved.

For a Saturday wedding, we recommend coming in on Thursday.  Most people like their tan best on the second day. We do recommend that you do a trial tan to know the color level you want to be and which day you like your tan best.

Yes, your Air-Tan should last 7-10 days. If you are going to be swimming at the pool or beach on your trip, that may make your Air-Tan fade a little bit faster than normal.  Chlorine will not take off your tan, however, the more wet and dry you get, it will tend to exfoliate your skin.  Make sure you are patting your skin dry and use our Air-Tan Extending Moisturizer daily while on your trip.

Yes.  Because our solution has the proper balance of self-tanner, or DHA, there is no risk of looking orange.  Our technicians have been thoroughly trained to help guide you and pick out what color will look best for you on your big day.  Also, the way we apply your tan is in such a fine mist that it does not collect in any unwanted areas and covers your body very naturally like UV rays, but without the damage.  We take great care in spraying areas like the hands and feet lightly, so they look very natural.  No need to worry about orange hands for ring pictures!

As a rule of thumb, you should always have Air-Tan as the last thing on your beauty regimen.  Waxing or getting your nails done after getting Air-Tanned can take off some of your tan, leaving you uneven.

Occasions to get a tan: 

Trial Tan

Engagement Photos

Bridal Showers

Bachelorette Party

Boudoir Pictures

Wedding Day

Who else can use your package: 


Mother of the Bride/Groom


We will build you a customized discounted package just for you and all your bridal needs.

Meet Autumn – Bridal Coordinator

Autumn is the Broadripple Salon General Manager. She has been with Air-Tan for 3 years and has lots of experiences spray tanning clients and working with Bridal Parties.

Brides don’t just wake up looking fabulous, it takes a village. 

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