Frequently Asked Questions

No, because our solution has the proper balance of self-tanner, or DHA. It also contains aloes and citrus oils that balance out the DHA formula. Also, the way we apply your tan is in such a fine mist that is does not collect in any unwanted areas and covers your body very naturally like UV rays, but without the damage.

During an Air-Tan, a technician applies a liquid self-tanning formulated solution with an airbrush sprayer to create a safe, even, natural-looking tan. One 10-15 minute session produces results that can last up to 10 days.

The longevity of an Air-Tan will vary from person to person based on lifestyle and skin. Daily moisturizing will help maintain the tan.

Although DHA has been used as an ingredient in cosmetics for three decades, pregnant or nursing customers should consult their physicians first. We have Air-Tanned many pregnant and nursing women in our salons. We would recommend if you are nursing, wear a bandeau or strapless bra top at the time of your application.

We recommend that you wait at least 8 hours. The Air-Tan solution requires approximately 8 hours to react with the amino acids in the skin to produce the optimum results.

Once you have your first shower, 8 or so hours after your Air-Tan, there will be no staining at all. However, until your first shower, the only fabrics stained by the Air-Tan solution are nylon, silk, and elastic. The solution doesn’t stain other fabrics. There may be a residue initially but it will come off after a wash.

Because everyone is a different shape and size, we custom apply each and every application. The solution works with your skin tone. So if you want to look like you have spent a week on the beach or you just want a healthy glow, we can do both. No problem. This is what we specialize in, and we’re really good at it!

There are several advantages to Air-Tanning:
1. Air-Tanning is an ultra violet free experience, so there is no risk of cancer.
2. There is no wear and tear or damage to the skin caused by the sun or tanning beds.
3. Due to the fact that an Air-Tan is technician-applied, the tan is more consistent and evenly applied.
4. Even very fair skinned people or people with sensitive skin can comfortably get an Air-Tan.
5. One and you’re DONE! It is fast and convenient. No more spending hours in the sun or taking numerous trips to the tanning bed.
6. It’s a professional environment.
7. It’s a solution with a unique formula that is the result of years of research and design from our own labs.
8. There is a strong focus on quality – both in terms of experience and service.
9. An Air-Tan is price competitive. It’s more quality for the same price and in some cases, it’s cheaper.

For the best results, shower, shave, and exfoliate your skin before you come in. It is important to make sure that one’s skin is free of lotions, gels, deodorants, oils, perfumes, and other skin products. This is to ensure that there are no barriers between the Air-Tan solution and your skin.

Men and women are required to wear bottoms. Bottoms include swimsuits, boxers, or underwear. We do provide a complimentary disposable thong for women. We are proud to present a comfortable environment. Loose fitting clothing and shoes should be worn for leaving our salon. This will help the tan stay on longer. Note: Darker shades of clothing are recommended.

Air-Tan is completely safe. DHA was listed with the FDA for three decades and has been used in cosmetic preparations for almost 30 years. It is safe and appropriate for use in cosmetics used to color the skin. DHA is derived from glycerin (from a vegetable origin), which is commonly used as a cosmetic and food ingredient. Since DHA is not absorbed into the body, there is no possibility of toxicity. Plus, it’s safer than a sun-based tan or a tanning bed tan. There is no UV risk or damage to the skin.

Air-Tans take less time than a real suntan, and they don’t contribute to skin cancer. Each Air-Tan application takes about 10-15 minutes total.

The Air-Tan technicians are trained professionals that have to go through an internal certification process. You can do it yourself with your own equipment or self-tanning lotion, but it would be extremely difficult to duplicate our consistency and the natural look an Air-Tan has, not to mention that lotions definitely have an unpleasant smell.

You can tan in the sun, but remember there is no sunscreen protection in an Air-Tan. So if you do tan in the sun, make sure you apply a lotion with SPF (sun protection factor) to protect your skin from damage.

No. Chlorine will not take off your tan, however, the more wet and dry you get it will tend to exfoliate your skin. Make sure you are patting your skin dry and use our Air-Tan Extending Moisturizer.

Unlike a UV tan, Air-Tan goes on the top layers of your skin, and for best results, you must be completely exfoliated to apply it again. You can liken it to fingernail polish; you would not want to apply it again until you had removed all of the polish off.

It is a self-tanning solution based with DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), aloes, and citrus oils.

In the shower or tub use an exfoliating scrub and washcloth, and go over you entire body. For optimum results, we recommend using our Air-Tan Exfoliating Dermal Cleanser. It is formulated with glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells on contact.

We can significantly lessen them, but we cannot completely remove them.